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intel internet of things intelligence everywhere

Intel-backed OIC advances in fast-moving IoT standards race

Open-source software for implementing its standard is out as a preview and products are expected to ship this year

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RealSense vs. Ruler: Fight!

Intel's new mind blowing RealSense camera lets you measure objects that you've taken pictures of so we put it to the test in Dell's new Venue 8 7000 Tablet.

intel compute stick

Intel's Compute Stick is a dirt-cheap Windows PC that fits in the palm of your hand

Intel releases pricing information for its Compute Stick, which puts a cheap Windows PC literally in the palm of your hand.

intel krzanich curie

Intel's tiny Curie wearable computer could go into jacket buttons

Intel's smallest ever wearable computer was almost invisible to the eye during a CES keynote.

dell inspiron 15 5000 series touch laptop 700x375

Dell skips Broadwell with some laptops, plans for Skylake

Dell is bypassing Intel's new Broadwell processors on some laptops, with Skylake attracting its attention.

broadwell u core processor

Intel's new Broadwell chips: 10 things you need to know

Intel's new Core processors based on Broadwell offer good battery and graphics features.

AVADirect Quiet Gaming PC

Intel: Many PC makers plan to skip desktop Broadwell PCs and wait for Skylake CPUs

Although Intel launches its Broadwell chip for notebooks and some desktops today, even Intel admits that in some cases PC makers may just pass it by.

IDF Dell Venue 8 7000

Intel's faster, battery-boosting 'Cherry Trail' Atom chips ship

Intel's 14nm chips for Android and Windows tablets are now shipping, promising next-generation improvements in performance and battery life.

intel broadwell u die shot

Intel brings next-gen 'Broadwell' processor tech to mainstream notebooks, desktops

The new chips will bring improved battery life and increased performance, as well as new technologies including wake-on-voice and better wireless capabilities.

widi logo

WiDi actually works now, Intel executive says

As Intel prepares to launch its new Broadwell parts for all-in-one desktops and laptops, a senior executive promises improved wireless performance.