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Syria 'disappears' from the Internet, security firm says

Internet traffic to and from Syria, which is in the midst of a civil war, appears to have dried up.

Use Net Uptime Monitor to help diagnose Internet problems

When trying to troubleshoot a flaky Internet connection, this simple utility can help.

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North Korea close to 2 million 3G subscribers

Koryolink launched service in the final days of 2008 and has become one of the most visible foreign partnership success stories in the country.

Is Google your next cable company?

The company has now confirmed it will sell super-fast Internet and TV service in three cities, and seems poised to expand the service to more.


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Senators stall vote on Internet sales tax for now

A handful of lawmakers have stalled the U.S. Senate from voting on legislation that would require large Internet and catalog sellers to collect state sales taxes from their customers.

Use SpeedTest to help diagnose Internet problems

If your connection suddenly seems slow, SpeedTest can help you determine where the problem lies.

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CISPA blackout fails to match 2012's SOPA/PIPA protest levels

Monday's CISPA blackout is limited to just a few sites and lacks the far-reaching impact of last year's SOPA/PIPA protests.


10 tips to secure funding for a cybersecurity program

You must stress cost avoidance rather than profits and you will need hard, empirical evidence to depict the business risks and associated costs.

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US Senate moves toward Internet sales tax vote

The U.S. Senate has moved toward a vote to impose sales tax on most Internet purchases, with lawmakers likely to vote to close debate on legislation next week.

EU digital rights groups demand net neutrality protection

More than 80 European digital rights organizations on Wednesday called on the European Commission to do more to protect net neutrality.