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Apache Web servers will ignore IE10's 'Do Not Track' settings

By turning DNT on by default, Microsoft is deliberately violating the proposed standard, Apache cofounder says.

Windows 8 RTM Reveals 'Do Not Track'

The final code shows how Microsoft is implementing the 'Do Not Track' privacy setting for Internet Explorer 10.

Microsoft to Patch 'Hacker's Playground'

Next week's regular security update will address at least 14 vulnerabilities, including four in Internet Explorer and some for enterprise services.

Microsoft Will Give Windows 8 Users 'Do Not Track' Options for IE10

Microsoft Tuesday said users of Windows 8 will be able to change the default setting for the "Do Not Track" privacy feature in Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) when they first run the new operating system.

Three More Browser Shortcuts You Should Know

Now that you've mastered keyboard-powered bookmarks and downloads, let's focus on navigating your browser--without touching your mouse.

Access Your Browser Downloads with a Single Keystroke

Another handy keyboard shortcut you should know, this one pops open your Downloads list.

Bookmark Any Web Page with a Single Keystroke

Want to improve your Web-browsing productivity? Learn the keyboard shortcut for bookmarking the page you're on.

Microsoft Patches XML Flaw Under Attack and 15 More Vulnerabilities

Microsoft released nine new security bulletins, including updates to patch an XML flaw actively under attack, and vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 9.

Patch Tuesday Includes Shocking Update for IE9

Microsoft plans to publish nine new security bulletins next Tuesday, including an unusual back-to-back update for Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer Dips Slightly While IE9 Soars

Internet Explorer may be down, but expect a spike in IE market share when Windows 8 hits the street.