Don't-Miss Stories

IE, Chrome Battle for Title of Top Browser in June

Two browser tracking firms disagree on the dominant browser, but concur that Firefox is slipping.

Internet Explorer 10: MIA from Windows 7

Microsoft is maintaining its year-long silence on a release timetable and features for its new browser on its current OS.

Browser Wars: Metrics Firms Battle Over Internet Explorer, Chrome

The firms question how their rival measures usage, and which browser -- Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Google's Chrome -- is the planet's most popular.

Patch Now--Internet Explorer Flaw Under Attack

There are multiple exploits circulating online that attack a known flaw in the Internet Explorer browser that Microsoft has already issued a patch for.

Internet Explorer Flaw Triggers Google Nation-State Attack Message

Microsoft issued a patch to address the vulnerability in IE, but the flaw triggering the warning message was not addressed.

'Do Not Track' Trend Draws Advertisers' Ire

Analysis: Microsoft's plan to make Do Not Track the default in IE10 has been killed dead by the ad industry. Anybody surprised?

Microsoft Vows to Plug IE Hole Found in Hacking Contest

Next week's Patch Tuesday will feature a fix for a vulnerability in Internet Explorer that came to light at the celebrated Pwn2Own hacking competition.

Microsoft Assimilates Flash in Metro's IE10 Browser

Microsoft embeds Adobe's Flash Player in the Metro version of Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) in Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Microsoft Just Made the Internet a Little More Private for Everyone

Internet Explorer 10 will ship with Do Not Track settings turned on by default. That's good news for you and me; not so good for the online ad industry.

Microsoft Does the Right Thing with Default 'Do Not Track'

Microsoft has enabled 'Do Not Track' by default in Internet Explorer for the Windows 8 Release Preview to give users a choice, and control over their own privacy.