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Do-Not-Track Tools: Hands-On Showdown

Regulators are urging Internet companies to alert consumers about their data-gathering activities--but if you want to seize control now, some browser add-ons can help.

Critical Microsoft Patch Fixes Windows, Office, and IE

Next week's regular Patch Tuesday includes six security updates to squash 11 bugs in a variety of applications.

Microsoft on Tuesday will Patch Office 2010, IE9

Four of the six security bulletins being released on Patch Tuesday are rated "critical" and will address both operating system and application vulnerabilities.

Chrome: Fastest on Macs, Favorite on Weekends?

A raft of new data repaints the ever-changing picture of the global browser landscape.

Internet Explorer Is Up, Every Other Browser Is Down

Browser share goes up and down, and usually there's a mix of winners and losers. This month, though, the only browser gaining ground is IE--at the expense of all others.

Google Ends Chrome Search Rank Penalty Period

At some point during March, Google lifted the penalty it had imposed on Chrome the first week of January, when it demoted the search ranking of the browser's download page.

Microsoft's Browser Humor Boosts IE9

Ads with self-deprecating humor about the "browser you loved to hate" are helping customers warm up to Internet Explorer 9, market research firm reports.

Microsoft Ad Pokes Fun at IE, Urges Users to Give IE9 a Chance

Microsoft has set up a website with video ads and silly graphics, all of which essentially admit that Internet Explorer used to stink.

Browser Survey Puts Chrome in First Place--for Just One Day

Google's Chrome browser overtook Microsoft's Internet Explorer, all versions combined, to become the number one browser for a single day last weekend.

Resume YouTube Videos Where You Left Off

Clever browser extension Pause for Later lets you return to your spot, even after closing your browser.