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Microsoft Ad Pokes Fun at IE, Urges Users to Give IE9 a Chance

Microsoft has set up a website with video ads and silly graphics, all of which essentially admit that Internet Explorer used to stink.

Browser Survey Puts Chrome in First Place--for Just One Day

Google's Chrome browser overtook Microsoft's Internet Explorer, all versions combined, to become the number one browser for a single day last weekend.

Resume YouTube Videos Where You Left Off

Clever browser extension Pause for Later lets you return to your spot, even after closing your browser.


Three Ways Web Browsing Changes With IE10 in Windows 8

The IE10 app shows off what can be done with Windows 8’s Metro style, and is built to improve full-screen browsing on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Microsoft: Don't Hate on IE 10

Microsoft says its latest version of Internet Explorer clears out a lot of clutter and creates a more immersive browser experience when paired with Windows 8's touch environment.

Is Chrome Overtaking Firefox? Not So Fast.

As Chrome's market share takes a hit from external factors, Firefox continues to hold its own in the No. 2 spot, new data suggests.

21 Ways to Buff Up Your Browser

You probably spend more time working (and playing) in IE, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari than in any other application. Here are our favorite tips, tricks, and add-ons to supercharge your Web browser.

Which Browser Should You Use?

Not all Web browsers are created equal. Some are faster; some are more versatile; others are especially secure. We tested six leading browsers to learn where each one excels…and fails.

Browser Add-On Stops Google (and others) from Tracking You Online

Abine offers browser add-on that prevents Google, advertisers, Facebook, and other marketing companies from tracking you online via a free browser tool.

Google Says IE Privacy Policy Is Impractical in Modern Web

Microsoft's privacy protection feature in Internet Explorer, known as P3P, is impractical to comply with while providing modern web functionality such as...