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Review: Beauty and brains are the hallmarks of Ravenmark: Mercenaries

Ravenmark: Mercenaries couples gorgeous artwork with complex strategy into a package that’s just right for competitive multiplayer.


Tech For Life: Apps and gear for enjoying the great outdoors

Just because you're unplugging for a little bit doesn't mean you want to leave all your technology behind. We've got gadgets and apps that can make the great outdoors even better.


Crystograph iPad

Why does a Russian CEO need a $3.69 million tablet?

Company car? Cell phone? Stock options? Nah. How about a $3.69 million Apple iOS-based tablet? That's the perk a Russian oil conglomerate has ordered up for its CEO.

Clockwise podcast logo

Clockwise 2: Drink my Ovaltine

Jason Snell, Dan Moren, Melissa Riofrio, and Susie Ochs discuss secret betas that aren't secret, QR codes, terrible in-car entertainment systems, and Microsoft's big re-org.


Tech Tip: Share real-time location with Glympse

Available for all mobile platforms, Glympse lets users share their location via email or text.

What I’m Playing: Crime and punishment

Doling out justice from the skies and the shadows.


Tempo looks to take on iOS's Calendar app with latest update

Tempo uses artificial intelligence to add relevant information to your scheduled meetings and events. A Thursday update to the iPhone update promises even more functionality aimed at business users.


PSA: Great iOS games are now free, grab them while you can

Now’s your chance to grab great free iOS games.


What I’m Playing: Murder, mystery, and motorsport

Limbo, Layton, and Dirt take a turn on iOS devices.


Tech For Life: Best apps and gear for getting in shape

Looking to shed a few pounds this summer? Let Jason Snell show you some outstanding apps and accessories aimed at helping you slim down.


Tech For Life: Get in shape

Looking to shed some pounds? Jason Snell highlights some apps and gadgets that can help with your exercise regimen.

Kill time between meetings with LinkedIn’s smarter mobile search

Facebook isn’t the only company betting big on search. LinkedIn on Tuesday delivered its advanced Web-based search features to its pair of mobile apps.