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Share office documents between Windows and an iPad

Richard Wiringa has problems sharing speadsheets between his PC and his iPad. "I don't iCloud. I do Dropbox."


iPad Mini said to be Apple's ace in hole in battle with Amazon

Some analysts have concluded that Amazon, even with impressive hardware, aggressive pricing, and a content ecosystem in the best position to take on Apple, ultimately won't be able to unseat the iPad.

Amazon aims for iPad with Kindle Fire HD

Amazon is clearly taking on the iPad with its new 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE, priced to match the $499 3G iPad.


Kindle Fire HD highlights Amazon's parade of tablets

Amazon rolls out a potential iPad rival in the form of its $499 Kindle Fire HD, as well an updated version of its Kindle Fire tablet and a new e-reader called the Kindle Paperwhite.


Apple device IDs hacked: What you need to know

A hacktivist group has published more than a million Apple device UDIDs acquired from a hacked FBI laptop. Is your iPhone or iPad at risk?

How to Sync Your iDevice When the Case Gets in the Way

Bulky case getting in the way of your iDevice dock or sync cable? Here's a workaround that'll save you from having to remove the case every time.


iPad Mini's 'Guts' May Combine Old, New Technologies

New devices detected by online clipping service may be iPad 2 in a smaller package with its graphics capabilities too limited to run Apple's eye-popping Retina display.


Iris Smart Kit: A Basic and Affordable Introduction to Home Automation

In part 2 of our series on easy home automation projects for the weekend warrior, we look at the Iris system from Lowes.


Windows 8: Hate It Already? Why Waiting for Windows 9 Won't Help

We take a speculative look at the future of Microsoft's operating system.


Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 is More Profitable Than iPad

A tear-down analysis reveals Samsung makes $56 more selling its Wi-Fi-only tablet than Apple gets by selling the iPad for the same price.