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Apple device IDs hacked: What you need to know

A hacktivist group has published more than a million Apple device UDIDs acquired from a hacked FBI laptop. Is your iPhone or iPad at risk?

5 Entertaining iPhone 5 Videos

They’re fake, possibly offensive, and will probably draw a laugh, but don’t watch these videos of creative speculation if you can’t take a joke.


iPhone 5 Components List Leaked

A document of the next iPhone's components reveals a taller device with a similar shape to current models, and with a two-tone rear panel and smaller power/dock connector.

Walmart Experiments With iPhone App Checkout System

The iPhone app would streamline the process of using self-checkout terminals for in-store shoppers and takes another step toward the MCX mobile-payments network.


Apple Targets Galaxy S III, Note in Latest Legal Action

The February case has already resulted in a ban on the sale of Galaxy Nexus phones in the United States, although that injunction is pending appeal.


How to Sync Your iDevice When the Case Gets in the Way

Bulky case getting in the way of your iDevice dock or sync cable? Here's a workaround that'll save you from having to remove the case every time.


Next iPhone Screen Production Delayed By Sharp, Reports Say

Factories may not be able to ramp up fast enough to meet the demand for a refreshed iPhone.


Iris Smart Kit: A Basic and Affordable Introduction to Home Automation

In part 2 of our series on easy home automation projects for the weekend warrior, we look at the Iris system from Lowes.


Galaxy S III Sales Spike After Patent Verdict

Customers seem to have rushed out to buy the Galaxy S III, even though it wasn't affected by the patent case.


The Latest and Best in Car Tech

Automakers are appealing to car buyers with new in-vehicle technology like LTE, digital rearview mirrors, useful apps, and advanced telematics systems.