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Apple iOS 4.2: The First 24 Hours

Users installing the highly anticipated software update have found improved HTML 5 features, quirky bugs and limited AirPlay support.


Apple Releases iOS 4.2

iPad users get multitasking, app folders, Game Center, and the new AirPlay and AirPrint.


New Gadget Connects iPod Touch to Sprint's 3G Network

The dream of having a contract-free, data-only iPhone is finally here, thanks to a new gadget for the iPod Touch.


Apple's Rumored Wi-Gear Acquisition is Interesting

Apple rarely acquires hardware-makers, so what's the deal?

What Not To Do When Designing Your App (Here's Looking At You, Netflix)

The other night, I was using the Netflix app on my iPhone 4 and had a shocking revelation: this is one of the worst designed, "professional" apps I've ever seen. This is a prime example of what not to do in terms of iOS app design.


iTunes to Stream 90-Second Samples; Why No Full Songs?

Apple is changing its iTunes song samples to 90-second clips...why not go all the way and let users sample the entire song before buying?

The Coolest New Feature in iOS 4.2 (That No One's Talking About!)

The shiny new iOS 4.2 Golden Master was seeded to developers this week. I highlight one of the great new features of 4.2 that seems to have slipped under the media's radar.


iPod Not So Sleek After Battery Swap

Apple's underground profit center: repairs and parts replacement that third-parties simply can't handle.


Angry Birds Developer 'Will Not Use Chillingo Again'

Angry Birds developer Rovio Mobile says it won't use social games publisher Chillingo again in wake of $20 million EA-Chillingo purchase deal.


Apple’s New MacBook Air: 5 Things It Didn’t Get

The new MacBook Air is certainly a great improvement over previous models. However, there were a few notable oversights in the new models that I’m sure a lot of people are disappointed about. Here are a few of them, and the reasons behind Apple’s omissions.