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What Apple WON’T Announce At Tomorrow’s “Back to the Mac” Media Event

In the world of Apple, 2010 has been the year of mobile. There was in fact so much activity on the Apple mobile front, you might have forgotten they were once a computer company. That’s why Apple’s special media event being held tomorrow is aptly titled “Back to the Mac”- to remind us that “Hey, we still make computers too!”


Steve Jobs Gives Chilean Miners Apple IPods

Steve Jobs has opened his heart and wallet to offer the 33 Chilean miners stuck in a collapsed mine tunnel more than 2,000 feet below ground since 5 August, free...


Apple: No Sex or Drugs With Your Rock 'n' Roll

Hot off the heels of a controversial sext-censoring patent, Apple is extending its smut-squashing authority into the realm of music.


15 Fun and Freaky iPhone Mods

These modifications of various Apple mobile devices reflect impressive amounts of ingenuity, skill, and--in some instances--leisure time.


CopyTrans 4 Backs Up Tunes and Movies From iPad and iPhone 4

Back up media files on your iPhone 4, iPad, or other Apple device with CopyTrans 4.

Apple Peel, Which Turns IPods Into IPhones, Coming to US

A Chinese-developed product that can turn an iPod Touch into an iPhone-like device is being prepared for an American release.


iPods Overtake Traditional Prized Possessions

Forget the wedding ring; portable media players and other digital gadgets are treasures for the Facebook generation, a survey reveals.


17 Steps to Success With the iPod Touch

Here's how to use some of the coolest new features, including FaceTime, Game Center, and HD Video.


Apple Removes Nail From Adobe Flash Coffin

Apple's changes to its iOS developer terms, re-opens the platform to third-party development tools such as Adobe's Flash app development tools. But why now? And what does this mean for Flash developers?


10 Tips for the New iPod Nano

A step-by-step introduction to the new features of Apple's revamped iPod Nano.