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Adobe Back at Work on Flash Tool for iPhone: What's Next?

Apple has changed the guidelines for its App Store, now allowing some programs and services previously banned into the App Store. Here is what's out and in.


iPod Nano Gains Multi-Touch Display, But Loses Video Capability

In it's biggest makeover yet, the nano gains Multi-Touch but loses features and screen size.


Apple's New App Store Rules Don't Change Anything

Apple may have released a set of guidelines for getting into its App Store, but the parameters for what'll get an app rejected remain as murky as ever.


iFixit Tears Down the iPod Touch: Here's What It Found

The new iPod Touch is impressing reviewers with its slim design and front and rear cameras. So what did the folks at iFixit think about the inside?


Apple Relaxes App Store Approval Restrictions

Apple surprises developers by promising to be more transparent about its App Store approval process and loosens restrictions on what development tools they can use.


iPod Touch Upgrade Packs Jaw-Dropping Features

Apple's changes are the biggest upgrade to the device since it first hit the market in September 2007.

Apple's New iPods: What the critics are saying

The iPod Touch is gaining the most applause for its additions, the Nano is receiving mixed reviews and the Shuffle, well, it's the new version of the old version of the Shuffle.

"iCulture" Gives Apple a Tactical Advantage

The new iPod Touch is the latest example of how Apple hooks users into the iOS culture and the advantage Apple gains when users are familiar with the interface and invested in the apps.

Apple TV: Honey, I Shrunk the iPod Touch

Powering the new Apple TV with an A4 saves costs and space, and makes for a more profitable product.


Tablet Wars at IFA in Berlin, 3D Cameras, and More

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Tab, while Toshiba introduces the Folio 100 tablet.