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Hands-On With iOS 4.1 GM

Now that I’ve been using the GM release for the past 24 hours, I can safely say- iOS 4.1 on iPhone (including the 3G) is the most solid, responsive iOS release to date. With some cool new features to boot.


A Look at the New Apple TV, iPod Touch and Nano

Apple has just announced their annual changes to the company's media devices: this year, the iPod Touch, Nano and Apple TV have all been revamped. Nate Ralph takes a look.


iPod Touch is Not Quite an 'iPhone Without the Phone'

Sorry, the contract-free, data-only iPhone is still a fantasy -- although the revamped iPod can do a lot.


Apple: The King of Digital Music

Analysis: Apple has dominated digital music sales for close to a decade. Can the company that popularized paid digital music maintain its position?


With iPod Refresh, Apple is Fixing Mistakes

Thinking about yesterday's press event, it seems like each new iPod was intended to right the wrongs of last year's models.


Ten Random Questions About the Apple Music Event

Just about all of the news turned out to be less than dramatic, but, as usual, I'm left asking questions about the upshot of the announcements about the iPod and Ping.

The iPod Classic Lives!

Apple confirmed that the boxy and big iPod classic line digital music players will live on.


Hands on With Apple's New iPods, Apple TV

After a brief chance to play with Apple's new toys, here are some first impressions.


New iPods vs. Old: Specs, Design Reveal Big Improvements

Comparing technical specification of the most recent generation of iPods with their most recent predecessors show big improvements - not to mention better design aesthetics.


Apple's New iPods, iTunes and Apple TV: A Visual Tour

Apple's Fall Music Event delivers on an array of new gadgets and resources -- take a look at the new lineup.