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New iPod Nano: Shapeshifting One More Time?

According to one Japanese blog, the upcoming nano will return to the sleek-and-slim design of its 4thi and 5th-generation predecessors.


Extreme BYOD: When Consumer Tech Goes to Unexpected Places

Your laptop will get less spacesick than you.

Top 15 iPhone Apps of 2012, So Far

The best of 2012’s apps for your iPhone and iPod Touch, so far, include fun apps for wasting time, image and video editing apps, and utilities that speed up common iPhone tasks.


Ditch iTunes: Manage Multimedia on the iPhone Your Way

Here are five iTunes alternatives for converting and managing music and videos on iOS devices.


Why Apple Should Pair the iPod Nano with the iPhone

The iPod Nano makes a decent geek watch, but if it was paired with the iPhone it could be a wrist-based conduit to valuable, real-time information.

Admiration for Apple: What Goes Up Must Come Down?

Although voted the most admired company for the fifth year in a row, Apple has had plenty of downs in its history. Is it headed for another?


Replacing an SSD Under Warranty

A reader writes to On Your Side after solid-state drive maker OCZ fails to send a replacement. Plus: Apple offers to replace first-generation iPod Nanos.

Apple's Foxconn Transparency: Brilliant or Bad PR Move?

Apple has been credited for opening up about conditions at the Foxconn manufacturing plant. Has this new PR openness hurt or helped Apple's overall image with its customers?


Apple Sold More iOS Devices in 2011 Than Macs Ever

Last year's sales of iPhones, iPads, and iPods topped nearly three decades of Macintosh products, according to analysts.

Steve Jobs Gets Posthumous Grammy

A Grammy Trustees Award recognizes the late Apple CEO's role in creating products that transformed the entertainment industry.