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RIP iPod? Not So Fast

Reports of the death of the iPod Classic have proven premature in the past, and the iPod lives on in Apple's touchscreen devices.


Samsung Galaxy Player Set to Battle iPod in US

The Galaxy Player has noteworthy features but Samsung is arriving way too late on the scene to make a big impact.


White iPod Touch in the Works, Reports Say

More evidence that Apple plans to release a white iPod touch has emerged after a Japanese website discovers a white headphone jack for the device.


Steve Jobs In Pictures

We take a look back at the life of tech visionary Steve Jobs from the early days of the Apple II to the introduction of the iPad and beyond.

Steve Jobs and Apple: The Successes and Flops

From the Lisa to the App Store, here are 11 products from Steve Jobs's tenure as Apple's CEO that made an impact--whether they succeeded or not.


Jailbreaking 101: Which Tool to Use to Hack Your iDevice

So, you’re thinking of jailbreaking your iOS device, are you? Here’s a guide to picking the right tool for your iDevice.


Apple Cracks Down on Alleged Knockoff Sales in New York City

Apple has filed a lawsuit against alleged unauthorized iPod, iPhone, and iPad accessories suppliers in Queens, New York.


Report: Apple iPod, iPhone Event Scheduled for September 7

The latest rumor gives a specific date for Apple's next media event, supposedly to release its new line of iPods, and perhaps the iPhone 5.


Is the Apple iPod On Its Way Out?

As sales dwindle, what's to become of the standalone MP3 player?

iOS 5 Beta 3: Stability and Features Galore

Yesterday, Apple seeded iOS 5 Beta 3 to developers. The latest beta brings performance and stability enhancements as well as more of the promised 200+ new features. Here is just a glimpse at some of the latest iOS 5 beta goodness.