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Apple's Rumored Product Reveal: 5 Predictions

Apple stores are running a mysterious late-night shift on Saturday. What are they up to?


Apple Offers Free Repairs for Quake-Damaged Gadgets

Customers who need their Apple wares repaired as a result of the earthquake and tsunami in Northeast Japan can get their devices fixed for free.


More Hints of iPod Nano Camera Emerge

On the back of leaked photographs that appear to show an iPod Nano with a camera, further evidence that Apple is planning new features for the Nano has emerged.


Overpriced Tech Gadgets Only a Crowned Head Can Afford

Gold-plated BlackBerrys, alligator-skin iPad cases, and $3000 HDMI cables are among the extravagances in our roundup of luxury tech gadgets that no real person can afford.


Rumor: Apple iPod Nano to Get Camera--Again

Another iPod Nano refresh may bring yet another hardware variation to the Apple MP3 player.


Apple iTunes Alternatives: Make Managing Your Music Easy

We're tired of Apple's iTunes, and we won't use it anymore. Here are some of the music-management alternatives we like.


10 Major Apple iTunes Annoyances

Apple's iTunes music management software is slow, irrational, and downright annoying--especially for Windows users. Let us count the ways.


Sn0wbreeze Releases Untethered Verizon iPhone Jailbreak for Windows

Hacker iH8sn0w brings you an unteathered jailbreak that you won't want to miss; it works for Verizon iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple TV.

Saying 'Apple Won't' is Always Dangerous

Analysis: Apple will never make a TV? Here are a few other things pundits were sure Apple would never do.


Will the iPad be as Unbeatable as the iPod?

Remember how well all those “iPod-killers” worked out? The same fate may befall the PlayBook, Xoom, and other competitors to Apple’s tablet.