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Has Apple Given Up On Fighting Jailbreakers?

Given last year’s federal legislation essentially deeming jailbreaking legal, and the ubiquity of jailbreak tools being released alongside firmware updates, has Apple finally abandoned the fight against iOS hackers?


Battery Supply Problems to Lead to iPod Shortages?

Stocks of iPods could dry up as a Japanese chemicals maker struggles in aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.


Xcode 4: The Windows Vista of Apple IDEs?

A major update to Apple’s iOS IDE was released a few days ago and so far Xcode 4’s weaknesses seem to greatly outweigh its strengths. After having spent a bit of time with Xcode 4, I am strongly considering going back to the old version. Here are just a few of the reasons Xcode 4 may end up being the Windows Vista of Apple IDEs.

Apple's iPod Killed Microsoft's Zune

Microsoft can blame Apple and its iPod hegemony for the failure of its Zune digital media player.


Apple iOS 4.3: A Guide to Getting Started

iOS 4.3 offers new ways to access iTunes content, a Wi-Fi personal hotspot option and improved browser speeds. Here's how you can take advantage of all those features.

March Madness: NCAA Tournament Games Available for Free on iPad

The NCAA will also offer free online video streaming on the iPhone and iPod Touch via Wi-Fi and 3G through the March Madness on Demand app.


Is Apple's iPad 2 a Nintendo-Sony-Microsoft Killer?

Apple's iPad 2 sports a new processor "nine times" faster than its predecessor, so is it an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, or Sony NGP killer?


Apple Stores: Crazy Customers, Homeless Webcasters and Drug Dealers: Yeah, Right

An Apple employee spills the secrets of Apple store life to Popular Mechanics.


Has Zune Finally Met Its Inevitable Demise?

Microsoft seems to be incorporating Zune's platform further into other successful offerings -- Windows Live, Xbox, etc. -- and that's a good thing. Maybe that's what the future holds for the brand.


Apple's New Subscription Plans: 5 Services That Could Get Screwed

Apple's new approach to app subscriptions won't only affect newspaper and magazine apps.