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Developing For iPhone Nano Might Suck

Rumors of a smaller, more affordable iPhone have been circulating since the original iPhone was still in production. Here are a few reasons developers might not so be eager for such a device to be released.


Geek Valentines That Fall Short

Analysis: Here are some suggestions for digital treats that may -- or may not -- impress your techie valentine.


iPhone Nano Rumors Return

Analysis: Maybe Apple thinks it can sell a lot more phones by giving people the freedom to move between carriers.


Valentine's Day Tech Gifts for Under $100

Flowers may last a week, but romantic technology could outlive even the relationship itself. If you truly want to impress your Valentine, rethink your gift strategy. Here are eight great gift ideas that won't break the bank.

"iPod Classic is Dead" Rumors are Back

Predictions on the demise of the iPod Classic usually don’t come around until September, when Apple updates its line of media players, but the timing’s off now thanks to suspicious supply issues at major retailers.

iPod Classic: Knocking on Heaven's Door?

Major retailers are experiencing a supply shortage, which means Apple is about to refresh the iPod Classic with a bigger hard drive, or it's discontinuing the device altogether.


Is iOS Game 'Smuggle Truck' as Controversial as it Looks?

Forthcoming iPhone and iPad game Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration takes aim at touchy US border issues and draws the ire of bloggers.


Gadget Fans: Trends by Generation

Analysis: A new Pew Internet study shows Millennials can't do without their cell phones--but they're hardly the only ones toting them.


Dead Space Just as Revolting on Apple's iPad, iPhone

EA's Dead Space for iOS lets you swipe, tap, and eviscerate fleshy necromorphs on an Apple handheld or tablet.


App Store at 10B: All-Time Apple iOS App Favorites

This weekend, Apple celebrated 10 billion apps downloaded. Here are 20 of the all-time biggest hits among iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad apps