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Apple sneaks in changes to AppleCare+

If you drop your iPhone or iPad, it'll now cost you more to invoke your AppleCare+ coverage. But on the plus side, iPod touch and classic owners can now get in on the AppleCare+ fun.


Apple to pay $53 million to settle iPhone, iPod touch warranty suit

Apple has agreed to pay $53 million to settle a class-action suit in connection with warranties for its iPhone and iPod touch devices. The proceeds of the cash settlement will be paid to over 153,000 owners of the devices who were denied warranty coverage while Apple's "liquid damage policy" was still in force


iTunes Store adds 'buy now, download later' option for video and music

Apple recently added a new option for iTunes purchases made in iTunes or on iOS devices to buy TV shows, movies, and music box sets now, but download later.


Review: iCloner offers reliable, but pricey, iPod backups

iCloner offers a neat and easy way to backup your iPod and restores its contents when necessary. But this application is pricey, and its restorations are all or nothing. So is your chance to get it; it'll be gone soon.

Review: Fifth-generation iPod touch is faster, finer than predecessors

Whether you're in it for the apps, games, or media, this is an iPod you'll treasure.


Blu-ray Tech Advance Integrates iPhone, iPod Touch

The iPod Touch and iPhone seem set to enter a special relationship with Blu-ray discs and players...


Apple iPod Touch Flash-Based MP3 Player

The iPod Touch's beautiful design, useful apps, touch screen, and built-in Wi-Fi outweigh minor audio-quality issues.


9 Cool (and Useful) Mods for iPods and iTunes

Overhaul your iPod so it can support more file formats, contain souped-up menus, display Wikipedia information, and more. And do it all without spending a dime at the Apple store!