Don't-Miss Stories

Jon Bon Jovi Blames Apple for 'Killing Music'

Rocker laments the loss of the sacred connection music fans used to feel for vinyl and CDs once used to distribute musical wares.


Apple Kid-proofs iTunes: Requires Password for In-App Purchases

Apple makes it harder for your kids to waste hundreds of dollars on Smurfberries.


iTunes Freedom Coming Soon?

Unlimited downloads of your iTunes music purchases to any device you own reportedly is in the works.


Insure Your iTunes Library With Movavi iCopy

Easy-to-use utility Movavi iCopy backs up your iTunes library.

Apple's Subscriptions Service Upsets the Cart

Analysis: The 30 percent cut on digital content sold through iTunes is freaking out some publishers and media developers, but it may ultimately be a healthy move.


Google Music, an iTunes Competitor, Coming Soon?

The music service is rumored to be less than two months from launch, and is expected to be part of Android Honeycomb, the tablet-optimized version of Google's mobile OS.

Ok, Everyone Can Calm Down About Sony and iTunes

Sony and iTunes are not breaking up.

How Did QuickTime Get Onto My PC?

Don't remember downloading QuickTime? Wondering whether you have to keep it? Read on to learn more.


iTunes, Safari Merger Qualifies as Dumb Rumor of the Day

A very iffy rumor from a not-so credible source that Apple wants to integrate iTunes into Safari should be immediately dismissed.

CopyTrans TuneSwift Backs Up and Restores iTunes Libraries

Seamlessly back up, restore, or transfer entire iTunes libraries with CopyTrans TuneSwift--which is free for almost two months.