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CopyTrans TuneSwift Backs Up and Restores iTunes Libraries

Seamlessly back up, restore, or transfer entire iTunes libraries with CopyTrans TuneSwift--which is free for almost two months.

Beatles Cut a Better iTunes Royalty Deal

The Beatles' label Apple Corps is apparently paid directly by iTunes, which implies a more lucrative deal than standard agreements.


Hacked iTunes Accounts Continue to Sell in China

The sale of iTunes accounts that have reportedly been hacked has yet to be stopped by Apple or the Chinese e-commerce site hosting the sellers.


iTunes 'Should Bring Prices Into Line With Amazon'

Eight out of 10 music fans want iTunes to adopt a pricing strategy more consistent with the rest of the industry, according to a survey.


Is Sony Preparing for the Extinction of the DVD?

Sony is embedding exclusive features such as script searches and video sharing into its iTunes movies.


5 Fixes for iTunes' Famous Flaws

Apple's iTunes has its flaws and isn't nearly as flexible as it should be. There are ways to fix some of the flaws via free or low-cost add-ons.

Collected: Apple's busy diary for 2011

With the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2.0 already in the rumor mill, what else can we expect from Apple in 2011?


Qriocity: Sony's Last Musical Stand

Qriocity seems destined to fail because of two reasons: not enough content and no portable devices for playback.


iTunes 10.1.1 Update Problems Reported

Some Mac users are experiencing problems have reported problems with the latest update for iTunes, version 10.1.1, which was released to solve synchronisation issues with iOS devices.


18 Ultrafast Tech Gift Ideas to Rescue the Procrastination-Prone Giver

Stalling? Go digital and get a gift out in time using our suggestions for games, books, services, and causes that can reach your loved one almost instantly.