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15 Hottest Holiday Tech Gifts of 2010

Still looking for that perfect gift? We're counting down this year's hottest tech gifts for the holidays, including a 3D HDTV, an advanced Blu-ray player, Kinect for XBox 360, and the iPad.


Beatles Fail to Ignite on iTunes in UK

Despite fans' long wait for Apple to cut a deal with EMI, Beatlemania has not hit iTunes on their home turf.


Baby, You’re A Rich Man: iTunes’ Beatles Downloads Cost More than CDs

The Fab Four's long-awaited digital debut on iTunes has come to pass. Yay. But CD's may still be a better deal.


The Beatles and iTunes: Looking Beyond the Hype

The fact that all this attention was paid over making a bunch of old recordings available in yet another way tells us quite a bit about how things work in the music business these days.

The Beatles Are on iTunes, So Who’s Next?

There are still many famous bands and solo acts that refuse to put their music on Apple's iTunes store. Here's a look at a few of them.

The Beatles and iTunes: Making Sweet Music Together

Beatles' albums are priced at $12.99 each. Individual songs cost $1.29, same as the highest price tier for best-selling tracks from other artists.

The Beatles and Apple: The Long And Winding Road

Songs from The Beatles could debut on iTunes today, putting an end to one of the most popular Apple-related rumors, and a complicated history between the band and Apple.

Sorry Apple, Twitter Won't Save PIng

Apple has opened its music-based social network to the web (sort of) with Twitter integration...but is it enough?

In Sign of Ping Flop, Apple Pleads for Users

Why Apple is e-mailing users in an attempt to make iTunes social network 'Ping' happen.

iTunes to Stream 90-Second Samples; Why No Full Songs?

Apple is changing its iTunes song samples to 90-second clips...why not go all the way and let users sample the entire song before buying?