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Apple to Triple iTunes Song Previews to 90 Seconds

Apple hopes the move will boost sales, but some record labels might pull their music from the store because the increase is an opt-in service.

Unlock Android's Multimedia Muscle

No iTunes? No problem. Here's everything you need to know about managing multimedia on your Android device.


Teen Model Sues Apple Over Illicit iPhone App Pics

A teen model is reportedly suing Apple for $1 million over steamy photos appearing on an iTunes App Store application.

Apple: No Sex or Drugs With Your Rock 'n' Roll

Hot off the heels of a controversial sext-censoring patent, Apple is extending its smut-squashing authority into the realm of music.


CopyTrans 4 Backs Up Tunes and Movies From iPad and iPhone 4

Back up media files on your iPhone 4, iPad, or other Apple device with CopyTrans 4.

Delete iPad Documents in iTunes

iTunes' File Sharing feature makes it easy enough to add documents to your iPad, but what about deleting them?


Apple's New App Store Rules Don't Change Anything

Apple may have released a set of guidelines for getting into its App Store, but the parameters for what'll get an app rejected remain as murky as ever.


iFixit Tears Down the iPod Touch: Here's What It Found

The new iPod Touch is impressing reviewers with its slim design and front and rear cameras. So what did the folks at iFixit think about the inside?


Apple vs. Facebook: What's Behind the Ping Controversy?

Facebook is apparently blocking Ping integration until the companies can work out coding and capacity issues.

on Gets Boost Thanks to Apple's Ping, Company Claims benefit claims from Apple's Ping splash are questionable after further analysis.