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Apple's Ping a Scammer's Haven? Security Experts Say Watch Out

Security experts are warning Apple's new Ping social component to iTunes is being exploited by comment spammers and this presents a security risk to users.


Privacy in iTunes Ping

Music goes social in iTunes 10 with Apple's Ping social network. We take a quick look at its privacy and security settings.


Five Reasons I Won't Be Using Ping

I've taken a brief test drive of Apple's new social network to see what it's about. But even before updating iTunes, I knew Ping was not for me.

Ping on iTunes - Not So Hot

Apple's big new addition to iTunes 10 is a social networking component called Ping. First impressions? Not music to my ears.


Ten Random Questions About the Apple Music Event

Just about all of the news turned out to be less than dramatic, but, as usual, I'm left asking questions about the upshot of the announcements about the iPod and Ping.

The Web's Most Annoying Apps

They install icons, they get up in your face with trivial alerts, they demand that you update and then restart--three times a week. We’ve all used these apps, and they’re always a pain.

Apple's New iPods, iTunes and Apple TV: A Visual Tour

Apple's Fall Music Event delivers on an array of new gadgets and resources -- take a look at the new lineup.


Recap: Apple Kicks Off Fall With iPod, Apple TV Overhauls

Apple overhauled its entertainment offerings with mix of updates, including a refresh to its iPod line, juicing its iTunes software with new social features, and revamping its Apple TV set-top box.


Apple announces iTunes 10

Apple introduces iTunes 10 with Ping, social music discovery, and a opt-in social network component.


Sony's iTunes Rival: What I Want to See

Let's hope that Sony has learned from the failure of its Connect music store.