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A Look at Why the iPhone Matters

A mobile industry analyst says the iPhone has had such a rapid effect on the market that theories that usually take decades of research to validate are shown in near real time.

Crashing iOS Apps Blamed on Flaw in Apple App Store

The developer of Instapaper says the update Apple was pushing to his users was corrupt. Another app maker attributed the problem to damaged binaries.


Declare Independence From iTunes With Spotify Premium

Spotify’s desktop application is a fantastic music manager. Here’s how to make Spotify your default app on the go as well.


Chrome Rockets to Top as No. 1 Free App in iTunes

It's getting decent reviews from users, although a big complaint is the browser now available for iPhone and iPad is slower than Apple's Safari.


Add Folder Monitoring to iTunes 10

iTunes can automatically add new music to your library, but only if you place it in a designated folder. Here's how to make iTunes monitor any folder.

Apple iOS 6 Rumored to Include Podcasts App

Getting its own turf will likely be a boon to both the people who consume Podcasts, as well as those who broadcast them.


Apple's Ping Social Network to Shutter, Report

Apple will shut down its music-focused social networking service Ping in favor of partnerships with Facebook and Twitter, according to an online report.


Free Desktop App DoubleTwist Syncs Your Tunes 'Twixt PC and Phone

Android users, alleviate your iTunes envy with DoubleTwist, a free desktop app that syncs your media to your phone.


Unscripted Steve Jobs Video Interviews Now Free on iTunes

The videos give you a glimpse into an unrehearsed Steve Jobs, without the staging and slideshows behind him.

Apple App Store Downloads Sink in April

Apple sees 5 percent drop in some iTunes App Store downloads just as the cost of grabbing loyal users jumps 12 percent.