Don't-Miss Stories

iTunes and Amazon Fraudsters Get Prison Sentences

The fraudsters were accused of using online music management companies to upload UK-produced urban music albums and tracks for sale on Apple iTunes and


ITunes Appears to Change Colors of Images Sent to the New iPad

When you sync an image to the new iPad, iTunes doesn't just optimize the resolution--it seems to change the colors, too.

Three Ways I Want Apple to Improve iTunes

Apple is working on an update to the iTunes Store, according to reports. While it's busy at work, here are three improvements I'd like to see.


Steve Jobs Gets Posthumous Grammy

A Grammy Trustees Award recognizes the late Apple CEO's role in creating products that transformed the entertainment industry.


iTunes Match Is 'Magic Money', Says Music Industry Exec

A music industry executive has said that Apple is creating 'magic money' for rightsholders with its iTunes Match service.

See Ya, CDs: Digital Music Sales Overtake Physical Media

Sales of digital music in 2011 accounted for 50.3 percent of purchases, beating physical music sales for the first time.


Amazon Kindle Fire Criticized for Lack of Parental Controls

The popular device doesn't enable parents to block access to pornography or adult content, or keep unattended kids from racking up charges.


Steve Jobs on iTunes: The Unpublished Interview

Apple's leader gave a candid talk on a landmark day in the company's history -- its launch of the iTunes store.

Verizon May Challenge Netflix, Amazon on Video Streaming

Little is known about the service, such as whether Verizon would offer a Netflix-like subscription package or an a la carte menu such as Amazon Video On Demand or Apple's iTunes store.


Google Music, iTunes Match, and Amazon Cloud Drive: Digital Music Services Comparison

Google Music and iTunes Match finally debuted this month. Here's how they stack up head to head and against Amazon's Cloud Drive music service.