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Ditch iTunes: Manage Multimedia on the iPhone Your Way

Here are five iTunes alternatives for converting and managing music and videos on iOS devices.


Users Unhappy With iTunes' New Security Questions

Some users are complaining that iTunes' new security questions are too difficult, while others are too easy.

iTunes: Time to Right the Syncing Ship

Apple has packed almost everything involving media (and app) management, purchase, and playback into iTunes. It’s a complete mess. And it’s time for an overhaul.

Amazon Dominates Google in App Revenue: Thank Apple?

Amazon trounces Google when it comes to app revenue because it makes buying apps a breeze--something it learned from Apple.


iTunes and Amazon Fraudsters Get Prison Sentences

The fraudsters were accused of using online music management companies to upload UK-produced urban music albums and tracks for sale on Apple iTunes and


ITunes Appears to Change Colors of Images Sent to the New iPad

When you sync an image to the new iPad, iTunes doesn't just optimize the resolution--it seems to change the colors, too.

Three Ways I Want Apple to Improve iTunes

Apple is working on an update to the iTunes Store, according to reports. While it's busy at work, here are three improvements I'd like to see.


Steve Jobs Gets Posthumous Grammy

A Grammy Trustees Award recognizes the late Apple CEO's role in creating products that transformed the entertainment industry.


iTunes Match Is 'Magic Money', Says Music Industry Exec

A music industry executive has said that Apple is creating 'magic money' for rightsholders with its iTunes Match service.

See Ya, CDs: Digital Music Sales Overtake Physical Media

Sales of digital music in 2011 accounted for 50.3 percent of purchases, beating physical music sales for the first time.