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iTunes 10.5 is Out: 3 Reasons to Get It Now

Apple has released iTunes 10.5, just in time for the launch of iOS 5. You should download it now.

How to Get Free Music From the iTunes Music Store

Tired of paying for music? You can find a bunch of free songs hiding in plain sight in the iTunes Music Store.


Apple's iCloud Supports Streaming of Your iTunes Library to iPhone, Other Devices

Apple will allow you to stream your iTunes library to multiple devices with a new iTunes Match feature, as an additional paid feature of the iCloud subscription service.


Steve Jobs In Pictures

We take a look back at the life of tech visionary Steve Jobs from the early days of the Apple II to the introduction of the iPad and beyond.

Apple iCloud: What it is, and What it Costs

Apple has revealed details on pricing for iCloud, along with the beta version of Here's a rundown of what the service is and what it'll do for users.

Apple Gets Chintzy With Back-to-School 'Deal'

This year's promotion offers only a gift card for apps with purchase of certain Macs, instead of pushing iPods as in the past.


Apple Sued by iCloud

An Arizona communications company says it's been calling itself iCloud long before Apple unveiled its new wireless syncing service.

Alternatives to Popular Tech Products

Who says technology is a popularity contest? You don't need to buy the most famous name in software or hardware to get great tools.

iOS 5 May Feature App Auto-Downloads

A wireless sync statement on iTunes hints of a new way to download apps and tunes may be coming in an iOS update.


Ubuntu Linux, Day 3: Dude, Where's My iTunes?

If I am going to completely switch to Ubuntu Linux, I need a means of syncing my iPhone and iPad, but there is no native Linux version of iTunes.