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3 Bluetooth Keyboards for Android Tablets

A Bluetooth keyboard can add a whole new dimension to your Android tablet. We highlight three excellent options.


Google TV Hardware Makeover Would Nicely Complement Software Upgrade

The Internet search leader plans to announce new devices from multiple hardware partners in the coming months, and here's a good start: Ditch the keyboards that come with today's Google TV devices.


Mechanical Keyboards, Lytro's Light-Field Camera, Nokia's Windows Phones, and Reader Mail on PCWorld Podcast #127

If you want to type like a pro, you need a mechanical keyboard. We tell you all about the ones we tested. We also discuss the pros and cons of Lytro's upcoming light-field camera and those Windows Phone 7.5 phones just announced by Nokia.


The Fast Way to Launch Programs in Windows 7

Who needs third-party launchers when Windows 7's Start menu lets you run any program with just a few keystrokes?

Free Workrave Utility Helps You Fend Off Repetitive-Strain Injuries

Too much time at a PC can wreak havoc on your joints and muscles. This handy helper reminds you to take breaks at regular intervals.

Mechanical Keyboards: Should You Switch?

Tired of typing on a boring, mushy membrane keyboard? One editor made the switch to a mechanical keyboard a month ago, and hasn't looked back.

A PC Built Inside a Keyboard: Cybernet's ZPC-D5

The Cybernet ZPC-D5 PC has an Atom processor, 4GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive, and runs Windows 7 Professional. And it's all contained within a keyboard.


Create a Keyboard Shortcut to Insert Your E-Mail Address

Tired of typing your e-mail address every time you log in, register for a site, fill out a form, and so on? Here's how to automate address insertion.

Laptop Keyboard Problems

The keyboard on Therese Gween's laptop is misbehaving. What can she do about it?

A Better Way to Switch Between Open Windows

If you're still reaching for the mouse every time you want to change windows, there's a much faster keyboard shortcut--and not the one you think.