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Create a Keyboard Shortcut to Insert Your E-Mail Address

Tired of typing your e-mail address every time you log in, register for a site, fill out a form, and so on? Here's how to automate address insertion.

Laptop Keyboard Problems

The keyboard on Therese Gween's laptop is misbehaving. What can she do about it?

A Better Way to Switch Between Open Windows

If you're still reaching for the mouse every time you want to change windows, there's a much faster keyboard shortcut--and not the one you think.

Create a Keyboard Shortcut for Your Favorite Folder

Windows doesn't let you pin folders to the Taskbar, but you can set up keyboard shortcuts that'll open them just as lickety-split.

Can a UV Light Kill the Stuff Growing on Your Keyboard?

We took cultures of the bacteria and mold growing on our office equipment (yuck!), and then tried treating them with the $250 VirWall ViraShield UV Sanitizer.

Three Laptop Parts You Can Replace Cheaply on eBay

Laptop repairs don't have to cost a fortune. Very often you can get parts for a fraction of what the manufacturer charges.

Insert Special Characters in Documents, E-Mails, and Web Pages

Ever wish you could add an accented 'e' to your text? Or an em-dash? Here's how.

Samsung Cleared of Laptop Keylogger Accusation

It turns out an antivirus suite mistakenly classified a Microsoft folder as a keylogger


Keyboard Cat Wrist Rest Is Meme-tastic!

A recent Instructables project brings together two Web memes to create one geeky keyboard wrist rest.


When Replacing Faulty Components, Don't Feel Obligated to Stick with the Same Make and Model

If a computer part dies on you, you might think your only option is to replace it with the exact same thing. In most cases, you have plenty of other choices.