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Samsung's Epic 4G is the Smartphone to Beat

The Samsung Epic 4G sits atop the heap of high-end smartphones by virtue of its sharp display, front-facing camera, superior physical keyboard, and 4G speed.


Keyboard Shortcut: Jump to the Top or Bottom of Any Web Page

Stop putting unnecessary strain on your mouse's scroll wheel! Learn these two simple shortcuts instead.

SwiftKey Keyboard

This app boosts typing speed and accuracy by predicting text.


Teens Swap 3339 Texts a Month

Teenagers send and receive an average of 3,339 text messages per month. That's six messages per waking hour.

Better Keyboard

The speed and accuracy of this soft keyboard are much better than Android’s native keyboard.


Disable Your Laptop's Touchpad While You Type, Windows 7 Edition

If you're a Windows 7 user, here's a utility that should solve the maddening problem of accidental touchpad swipes. And it's free!

My Keyboard isn't Working

Several keys on skyDX’s keyboard stopped functioning. He asked the Desktops forum for help.

Smartphones' Dual Keyboards Target iPhone

Analysis: As rivals strive to differentiate their handsets as Droid 2 devices, Torch, and Epic join the smartphone summer parade.


Keep Your Keyboard Clean and Germ-Free

Arm yourself with a can of compressed air and some antibacterial wipes, then use them on your keyboard. Your health will thank you.

Add Keyboard LEDs to Your System Tray

This tiny utility shows at-a-glance if your Caps Lock, Num Lock, and/or Scroll Lock are activated.