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Stop reaching for the mouse every time you want to move your cursor to the next field in a form. Instead, just tap the Tab key!

Maxell Unveils Ergomotion Mice, Keyboards

Analysis: The longtime recordable media company is moving into peripherals, with a focus on ergonomic devices.

Droid X Triggers Physical Keyboard Death Watch

Could the Droid X's lack of a physical keyboard suggest all Droids to follow will also lack one?


MSI Unveils the Sketch Pad: A Laptop with a Convertible Keyboard

The Sketch Pad might look like a normal laptop, but grab the keyboard and it transforms itself.


Assign a Keyboard Shortcut to Any Installed Program

Still reaching for the mouse and clicking program icons? That's the slowpoke way! Here's how to launch apps in a flash.

Reverse 'Uh-Oh' Moments with Undo, Part 2

Even if you've mastered the art of Ctrl-Z, you may find that Undo comes in handy more often than you think.

One Keyboard, One Mouse, Several PCs — Zero Hassle

Free Synergy program is easier to use than a KVM switch, and the utility runs on all Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

Easily Switch Between External Displays in Windows 7

One of Windows 7's best-kept secrets is the keyboard shortcut that lets you choose your external-display configuration with just one click.

Disable Your Laptop's Touchpad While You Type

If you're encountering weird cursor behavior, it's probably the result of accidental touchpad touches. A free utility may help.

Macworld Expo: Keyboard Shortcut Tools

We take a look at tools that give you easy access to shortcuts: a set of iPhone apps and a silicon keyboard cover.