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If Apple does enter the netbook category — and I believe it will, sooner rather than later — it should address the keyboard issue first.

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Open Vista's Task Manager Directly

You don't need scripting software for this keyboard shortcut, just a good memory.

The World's Weirdest Keyboards

Keyboards without keys, a vertical keyboard with mirrors on the side so you can see your fingers, and keyboards on which you type on the back: Get ready for some wacky input devices.

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Tired of your thumb accidentally brushing the touchpad? Here's a simple fix that doesn't require mucking around with system settings.

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If you spend a lot of time in Word and other text editors, these simple shortcuts will help you type more and mouse less.

Logitech Introduces Cordless Desktop S520

Logitech has announced the cordless Desktop S520 with a keyboard-and-mouse combination.

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From robots to new ways to share TV to Palm's hot Pre phone to colorful camcorders, we've scoured Las Vegas for the best of the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.