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oculus kickstarter

Oculus fallout proves nobody understands what Kickstarter truly does: Fund hope

No, Oculus' Kickstarter backers didn't receive a slice of the $2 billion Facebook pie, but we ALL got so much more.

kickstarter veronica mars

Move over Veronica Mars: These crowdfunded projects also raked in big bucks

Veronica Mars hits theaters today, thanks to fans who helped fund the movie via Kickstarter. We look at ten other crowdfunding success stories.


imitone crop

Desktop app will help turn your voice into songs

Imitone aims to replace the amateur musician's MIDI keyboard.


Kickstarter hacked; logins, encrypted passwords accessed

User data was stolen, though credit card information remained intact, Kickstarter said.


Change that Kickstarter password -- crowdfunding website gets hit by hackers

Kickstarter alerted people with accounts on the site that hackers were able to access information like user names, email addresses, and encrypted passwords. But it says no credit card data was touched.

Rand Miller, the man who made Myst, talks with us about his new project: Obduction

Rand Miller spills the details about his new game Obduction, New Mexico, the Oculus Rift, and the Myst sequel that almost was.

Deep dive with Myst co-creator Rand Miller: The full interview

Rand Miller sat down with us for an hour and talked about his new game, Obduction. Here's the full 6,000 word transcript.

Lego, Hollywood whodunits, and Neil Gaiman: The creation of Wayward Manor

The Odd Gentlemen showed off a bit of their new game, Wayward Manor, at GDC Next on Thursday—a collaboration with author Neil Gaiman that started with a pile of Lego blocks.

Bug robots, NASA-class baby onesies launched on hardware-only crowdfunding site

Dragon Innovation's new crowd-funding site is now live, specializing in hardware only. Seven new awesome projects have launched (plus a special-edition Pebble smartwatch). Here they are.

Goose Chase: Playing chicken in Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is an unapologetically British survival horror romp. Also, very fun.