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The One Thing Amazon Must Get Right With Its Kindle Tablet

Amazon's Kindle tablet will rival the iPad and the rest of the industry if it gets one big thing right.


Amazon Kindle Tablet: Android Tablet or eReader on Steroids?

Amazon will soon reveal its Kindle Tablet, which could erase the line between e-readers and tablets.

Amazon Kindle Tablet Could Shake Up Tablet Wars: Here's How

Amazon's brand recognition, bevy of existing e-reader owners, and e-commerce platform make it a formidable rival suited to go head-to-head with Apple.


Amazon Kindle Tablet Announcement Likely Coming Sept. 28

After months of rumors, Amazon's Kindle tablet could be here soon.


Borrowing Kindle E-Books: A Hands-On Guide

You can take notes, highlight passages and so on, and Amazon will hold on to that information so If you return the book and then take it out again (or purchase a copy), all your info will still be there.


You Can Now Borrow Kindle Books from Libraries

Over 11,000 U.S. libraries are now loaning out Kindle books.


B&N's Nook Heads to Radio Shack as Holiday E-reader Battle Looms

The Nook and Nook Color will go on sale at Radio Shack on October 3.


Local Deals Come to Amazon Kindle With Special Offers

Kindle With Special Offers users will soon be able to buy Groupon-like local deals.


Amazon Kindle E-Book Lending Program: What It Needs to Succeed

Amazon's "Netflix for E-Books" lending program is still a rumor, and not popular with book publishers, but here are some ways it could work.


Amazon Preps Netflix-like Service for Books, Says Report

Amazon is reportedly in talks with book publishers to offer Amazon Prime customers unlimited access to a digital-book library featuring older titles for a flat monthly fee.