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The E-Readers of Summer: An Overview

You don't have to do all of your reading on a physical book or on a PC. Here's a look at the latest e-reader models.

Best E-Readers

Not all of your reading has to be done with a physical textbook or on a PC.

Amazon, AT&T Announce Ad-Supported Kindle 3G for $139

Amazon now has a 3G version of its "Kindle With Special Offers"


iRiver Story HD: First Dedicated E-Reader for Google eBooks

The launch of a $140 dedicated eBooks reader puts Google's store more directly in opposition to the Nook and Amazon's Kindle. The iRiver Story goes on sale July 17 at Target.


Swap Kindle and Nook E-Books at eBookFling

This nifty service matches you up (anonymously) with other readers willing to lend their e-books.


E-readers Outnumber Tablets in US Homes, Survey Finds

A Pew Research Institute survey in May found that Americans favor less-expensive e-reader devices over tablets like Apple's iPad.


Harry Potter Finally Enters E-Book Realm

Author J.K. Rowling says Harry Potter series will finally become available in e-book form starting Oct. 1


Beware of Spam Titles in Kindle Store

Self-publishing an e-book to is so easy anyone can do it, and that has drawn in a lot of spammers.


How Kindle Can Still Beat Nook

Advice for Amazon on its e-book strategy -- and these changes will please customers.


What Amazon Must Do to Save Kindle Direct Publishing

As awesome as Kindle Direct Publishing is, it will be crushed by spam if Amazon doesn't take some action to control the amount of junk titles being dumped on it.