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Self-publishing an e-book to is so easy anyone can do it, and that has drawn in a lot of spammers.


How Kindle Can Still Beat Nook

Advice for Amazon on its e-book strategy -- and these changes will please customers.


What Amazon Must Do to Save Kindle Direct Publishing

As awesome as Kindle Direct Publishing is, it will be crushed by spam if Amazon doesn't take some action to control the amount of junk titles being dumped on it.

Kindle's Article Mode Renders the Web More Readable

If you want to read the Web on your Kindle 3, be sure to use Article Mode for a clear view.

Why E-Books Are Bad for You

By restricting purchases unnecessarily, e-books and e-readers are a bad deal, says free software guru Richard Stallman.

Kindle 3.1 Software Running On Older Kindles Thanks To Custom Firmware

After extensive testing, a modder discovers a method to get Kindle 3.1 software running on older Kindle models.


Kobo, Nook Newcomers vs. Kindle: Chart

Barnes & Noble and Kobo are getting into the e-reader game with a new breed of touchscreen e-book readers, set for release in June.


Dirt-Cheap E-Readers: How Low Can They Go?

Analysts say we'll see cheaper e-readers in the very near future, including sub-$100 models from market leaders Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Barnes & Noble, Amazon Push Ahead With Dedicated E-Readers

Valued for their lower cost and single-function, e-readers continue to hold a nicheā€¦for now.


The Ad Game: Amazon's Ad-supported Kindle Helps it Sell More E-readers

Amazon says the $114 ad-supported version of the Kindle e-reader is riding high as its best-selling item in electronics.