Don't-Miss Stories

The Ad Game: Amazon's Ad-supported Kindle Helps it Sell More E-readers

Amazon says the $114 ad-supported version of the Kindle e-reader is riding high as its best-selling item in electronics.


Paper Phone Prototype Uses E-Ink and Flexible Display

At the Computer-Human Interaction conference, a flexible mobile device dubbed the Paper Phone was on display. It uses the e-ink technology found in the Amazon Kindle, and it recognizes 10 unique bends and gestures.


New Nook E-Reader Expected to Debut May 24

Barnes & Noble may release 'a more powerful combination tablet and e-reader' running Google's Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system.


It's Time to Give Digital Rights Management the Boot

Today is the Free Software Foundation's Day Against DRM. Why not use the occasion to choose alternatives wherever you can?

Tips for Amazon's Kindle, Video on Demand, and Gold Box Deals

Learn how to send Web pages to your Kindle device or app, watch Amazon videos on a Windows Media Center PC, and get a sneak peak at Amazon Gold Box deals.

Nook Color's New Software Makes It the Netbook of Tablets

Barnes & Noble's Nook Color gets a software update that makes it more attractive than the Kindle.


Clip Web Pages and Send Them Straight to Your Kindle

Free bookmarklet Kindlebility lets you take the Web to go, so to speak. It works with any Web browser--and any Kindle, of course.


Kindle Books to Be Loaned From Libraries Later This Year

Amazon said Wednesday that its popular Kindle e-reader will allow customers to borrow Kindle books from more than 11,000 U.S. libraries starting later this year.


Ad-Supported Kindle: Why Stop There?

Ad-supported e-books are where it's really at.


Discounted $114 Amazon Kindle to Come With Ads

Amazon drops the price of the Kindle to $114 for anyone willing to put up with ads.