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E-book Piracy Is Here. So What?

E-Book piracy has arrived, but it’s a limited threat to those who write and publish electronic books, thanks to the way e-book readers are designed.

Nookcolor: Finally, an E-Reader in Living Color

The Nookcolor isn't a Kindle killer, but it does have a lot of features, and some glitches.


Five Reasons to Give Kindle Books as Gifts

Amazon announced that Kindle edition books can now be purchased as gifts even for recipients that don't own a Kindle device.

E-Ink and LG Debut Color e-Paper Screens

The first electronic paper displays that can show color were unveiled at the Flat Panel Display International show in Japan. The screens open to way for electronic book readers like Amazon's Kindle and Sony's Reader to add color but so far only a single Chinese device maker has committed to the technology.


5 Reasons You Don't Need an E-Book Reader

While color E Ink and low prices could motivate more people to buy e-book readers, most businesses shouldn't bother.

Color E Ink Coming Soon -- But When will it Arrive in US?

A Chinese firm unveils a color e-reader, nudging U.S. firms to get busy on more colorful devices.


100 Best Products of the Year on PCWorld Podcast #96

Join the editors of PCWorld for a look at some of the hottest products of 2010.


Barnes & Noble's NookColor, A Closer Look

The Nookcolor brings brilliant color, various flavors of content sharing and even a parent-saving children’s book reader to the nook family


Amazon Extends Value of Kindle with New Lending Feature

Amazon will soon update the Kindle software to allow Kindle titles to be loaned out and shared among users.

Indie Developer Makes a Kindle Game

Spry Fox has created Triple Town, which is supposedly the first Kindle game from an independent studio.