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South Carolina Plates

Proposed e-license plates can be altered remotely and may be used to track you

South Carolina will investigate the possibility of using electronic license plates whose text could be altered remotely by the DMV. They also could be used to track your vehicle.


Amazon's Kindle Worlds to publish officially licensed (but probably still insane) fan fiction

Amazon has announced that it is jumping into the officially licensed fan fiction business with its new Kindle Worlds publishing platform.


Don't hold your breath for a Kindle with a color screen any time soon

Amazon's surprise purchase of Liquavista has prompted theories that a Kindle with a colored screen is inbound. And it might be—just not any time soon.



Barnes & Noble slashes Nook tablet prices for Mother’s Day

Barnes & Nobel is cutting Nook prices as much as 30 percent, while Amazon's Mother's Day sale is not quite as generous.


Amazon China App store

Amazon's new China app store could help pave way for Kindle products has updated its mobile app store to include support for its Chinese customers, in a sign that the U.S. company could be preparing to sell its Kindle e-readers and tablets in the country.


How to save stories now, read them later on your Amazon Kindle

Amazon offers its own read-it-later feature for Kindle e-reader devices and mobile apps.


digital books ebooks

Convert a Kindle ebook to a different format

Whether you're looking to back up your Kindle books or read them on another device, you'll need to remove the DRM.


How to browse the Kindle Lending Library on your PC

Your Amazon Prime membership entitles you to one free book "rental" per month. So why does Amazon make them so hard to find?

Kindle Fire owners will benefit from new Amazon Coins

Amazon plans to give away tens of millions of dollars in its new virtual currency, Amazon Coins, which Kindle Fire users can use to buy apps and games in the Amazon Appstore.


Amazon finds its voice with Ivona acquisition

With its acquisition of text-to-speech software maker Ivona, Amazon may be preparing to take on Siri and Google Voice Search in the virtual-assistant wars.