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Consumer electronics shoppers in search of bargains on iPhones, Kindle Fire should take a wait-and-see approach.


How to Use a Kindle DX as a PC Display

With a few tools and tricks, you can transform your Kindle DX e-reader into a second screen for your Windows computer.


Amazon Preps Kindle Smartphone to Battle Apple, Say Reports

Talk of an Amazon phone has been circulating since the online retailer began selling smartphone apps for Android phones in early 2011, but now reports say Amazon is talking with manufacturers.


Google's Nexus 7 Douses Kindle Fire

Google's $199 media and entertainment tablet slays the Amazon rival with pure Android and a Chrome browser.


Google Nexus 7: A Missile Aimed Directly at Amazon's Kindle Fire

Google is very likely selling the $200 Nexus 7 at less than cost, but will do so happily if that's what it takes to win the love of would-be Kindle Fire buyers.


Microsoft Tablets: 5 Things We Want to See

Here are five concepts that Microsoft needs to apply to its tablets for the hardware to be competitive.

Free Ebook Teaches You to Ace Every Presentation

For a limited time, Amazon is offering this $26.99 Kindle book free of charge.

Front-Lit Amazon Kindle to Debut in July?

Reuters reports that a front-lit version of its Kindle eReader will launch in July 2012.


Tablet Summer: What's Ahead

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are expected to launch new models in coming months -- Here's what the summer portends in new tablets.

Future Tablets will Crowd iPad, Kindle, Analysts Say

The iPad's market dominance will wane by 2017, while the popularity of Amazon's Kindle Fire is already shrinking.