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Seven Kindle Fire Apps for Getting Work Done

Amazon’s new tablet is obviously no robust business tool. But basic productivity apps can help you review email and more in between reading the latest bestseller.

Tablet Shipments to Hit 55M this Year, Continue Explosive Growth

Juniper Research estimates that tablet shipments will increase from 17.6 million tablets in 2010 to 55.2 million this year and reach 253 million units in 2016.


E-Reader Wars: $99 Kobo Challenges Barnes & Noble, Amazon

Just in time for holiday shopping, rival e-readers jockey over social features, extras, ads (or not), and prices.


Report: $79 Amazon Kindle Costs $84 to Make

Amazon loses money on its hardware, but makes it up through book, game, music, video, and app sales.


E-readers Are Big Winners in Tablet Wars

As budget media tablets race to the bottom on price, e-book readers are the real winners receiving deep price cuts and improved features.


Amazon's Prime Lending Library Collection Now Viewable Online

The Internet retailer's complete collection of Prime Lending Library books for Kindle devices is online and accessible from any Web browser.


Amazon Prime Book Lending: Your FAQs Answered

Users can start borrowing books from Amazon right now, so here's what you need to know about using the service with your Kindle device.


Amazon Boosts Kindle Fire Production

Thanks to immense pre-order demand and a report showing that tablets are going to be a hot item this holiday season, Amazon is building millions more Kindle Fires than anticipated.


How to Extend the Loan Period of a Borrowed E-Book

If two weeks isn't enough time to finish the e-book you borrowed for your Kindle (and possibly your Nook), you may be able to keep it longer.


UK Bookseller Aims for Kindle with Kobo

WHSmith will market two e-readers starting next week, answering Amazon's Kindle with the Kobo reader.