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Although we're not entirely sold on 3D technology for mobile devices, the LG Optimus 3D is a fun yet powerful phone--3D or not.


LG Revolution (Verizon), $90

Wirefly is selling the LG Revolution Android phone for only $90, with free shipping.


2011's Most Intriguing Summer Smartphones

Take a look at the eight of the most interesting devices on the smartphone summer blockbuster list.


LG Electronics Returns to Laptops

The company may launch new laptops globally in a matter of months, reports say.


LG Revolution Review: Solid 4G Phone

The LG Revolution has beautiful hardware and fast 4G data speeds on Verizon, but the user interface is a bit clunky.


Today's Hottest Phones: They're All Android

Atrix, ThunderBolt, G2X, Epic do you choose? We have the lowdown on the best smartphones for each wireless network.


Top 7 Ultrathin Windows Laptops: Alternatives to Apple's MacBook Air

If you admire the Apple MacBook Air but want to stay in the Windows laptop universe, you have comparable ultrathin choices from Lenovo, LG, MSI, Samsung, Toshiba, and possibly Dell. Here's how they stack up.

LG Optimus Black Review: An Impressive Though Modest Android Phone

This 3G phone won’t break any speed or performance records, but its stylish design and no-nonsense user interface may be just right for some users.


Amazon Tablet In 2011? Now We're Talking

New evidence suggests Amazon could launch its own tablet within the year -- and that could mean a whole new kind of competition for the evolving tablet market.