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Republic Wireless Rolls Out $19 Unlimited Voice, Data, Text Service

Republic Wireless will charge users $19 a month. Its unlimited offerings are accessible on the Wi-Fi portion of its network.


iPhone 4S Battery Life: How Does It Compare to Other Smartphones?

The iPhone 4S's battery life span is high relative to many other phones in our sample, but the Samsung Epic Touch 4G is the clear winner.


What Phones Get Google's Ice Cream Sandwich Mobile OS First?

Samsung's Galaxy Nexus leads the pack to get Android 4.0, but some LG phones and others will follow.

LG Infinia 47LW6500 3D HDTV With 10 Pairs of Glasses, $950

You can get a 47-inch LG Infinia 3D LED HDTV for only $950 at Adorama with a coupon code--plus shipping is free, and you get 10 pairs of 3D glasses.


CTIA 2011 Preview: Hot Phones to Watch

At the show in San Diego starting Tuesday, we're expecting to see at least one new Windows Phone Mango phone, some awesome Android phones and maybe an inexpensive tablet.

New Windows Phone 7 Handset has Apple Elegance

Microsoft, LG enlist designer Jil Sander to craft a classy Mango phone that appeals to fashionistas.

LG Infinia 47LW6500 LED HDTV Review: Excellent All-Around 3D TV at a Reasonable Price

This passive-3D LED TV offers great image quality and features for the money.


LG Infinia 50PZ950 Plasma HDTV Review: Big and Beautiful, but a Bit Complicated

The Infinia 50PZ950 features good picture quality, excellent 3D, and tons of Internet options, but it's not for everyone.


Save Money on Cell Service With Prepaid Smartphones

Eager to get a new smartphone but unwilling to pay full price? Here are our tips for choosing a prepaid smartphone that fits your needs--and your budget.


Multiplayer Gaming Goes Full Screen With LG TV

Hoping to boost sales of its 3D televisions among gamers, LG showed off technology that lets traditional split screen multiplayer games be played full screen.