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Two Linux tablet projects take a step forward

As the PengPod line begins shipping, the KDE-powered 'Vivaldi' tablet sets a May target.

For a sneak peek at Ubuntu phones, try this Android app

Can't wait for Ubuntu phones to arrive? Now you can get a taste of what they will be like.

Secure boot loader now available to allow Linux to work on Windows 8 PCs

Freeing the way for independent Linux distributions to be installed on Windows 8 computers, the Linux Foundation releases software that will allow Linux to work with computers running the UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) firmware.

Not just Linux: Windows can 'brick' Samsung laptops too

'Do not use UEFI on any Samsung laptops,' developer advises

Raspberry Pi to get a video camera

A video camera board has been developed for the popular cut-price Raspberry PI computer.

Would Microsoft really bring Office to Linux?

Is an expanded base of Office users worth sacrificing yet another reason to stick with Windows?

KDE 4.10 delivers key updates across the board

Better support for mobile devices is among the many improvements brought by this new Linux desktop environment.

Which Linux distro is best? Survey says: Slackware

KDE, meanwhile, takes the crown for best desktop environment.

New Linux distro would target disabled users

Need accesibility for your users? This could be the distro you've been waiting for.

wine logo

Wine project aims to bring Windows apps to Android

A Wine project developer showed off an early version of Wine for Windows, which would permit users to run Windows programs on Android devices; but installation may require more technical expertise than many users would like.