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Malware virus

Linux Trojan 'Hand of Thief' found on the malware market

Desktop Linux users have been relatively malware-free, but an RSA researcher has identified the "Hand of Thief" Trojan, which specifically targets Linux.


Top 4 open-source PCs

Single board or "open-source" PCs have open designs that can be replicated by other hardware companies and are inexpensive to manufacture and fun to use.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux gets cozy with MongoDB

Red Hat has coupled the 10gen MongoDB data store to its new identity management package for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution.

Ultimate goal for Ubuntu Edge phone may go beyond crowdfunding campaign

Pledges for the Ubuntu Edge -- the smartphone that doubles as a desktop -- flew hot and heavy over the first few days, and now Canonical has introduced lower pricing tiers. Even so, more than $27 million is left to be raised. What's the true goal here?

Canonical to crowdfund first batch of Ubuntu Edge phones

Canonical launches a crowdfunding campaign to build the original batch of its planned Ubuntu Edge devices.


Hacked Canonical Penguin

Canonical takes Ubuntu forums offline in wake of password breach

As for now the breach doesn't seem malicious as much as it is pointing out a security flaw.

Ubuntu forum defaced, breached by hackers

A website dedicated to discussion of the Ubuntu Linux distribution was breached on Saturday, with hackers gaining access to encrypted passwords and email addresses.

Start-up readies network-optimized Linux for data centers

Start-up Cumulus Networks this week has emerged with a Linux network operating system designed for programmable data centers like the ones Google and Facebook are building.

Ubuntu logo

Ubuntu's Bug #1 report closed after almost nine years

The tongue-in-cheek bug report from 2004 complained that Microsoft owned more market share than Ubuntu. Ubuntu leader Mark Shuttleworth closed the report Thursday.

Zorin OS 7: This may be the Linux distro you're looking for

This popular OS is designed to make the transition easy for Windows users.