Don't-Miss Stories

Review: Logitech AudioHub

Logitech's AudioHub is a compact, desktop speaker system for your laptop that aims to enhance your movie watching and music listening.


Logitech Unveils Squeezebox Boom Tabletop Music Player

Logitech announced on Thursday the Squeezebox Boom, the latest addition to its Squeezebox line of streaming-audio products.


Logitech Ships MX 1100 Cordless Laser Mouse

The right-handed, six-button mouse mouse costs $80 and uses the 2.4GHz wireless spectrum.

Logitech's Wireless PC Headset

Frequent PC voice chatters who'd like to stretch their legs from time to time might want to check out Logitech's ClearChat PC Wireless headset.

Logitech Offers Bluetooth Mac DiNovo Keyboard

Logitech on Wednesday introduced the DiNovo Edge Mac Edition. It ships this month for $159.99.

Casual Friday: Gran Turismo Edition

Take a Gran Turismo 5 test drive, make some hard turns with new hardware, and check out the hardest (and easiest) games you'll ever play.

Skype Improves Video Conferencing

Logitech and Skype partner to offer high-quality video chat.


Air Mouse Needs No Table

In-air navigation is designed for media PC users.