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2012's most innovative tech gear

Innovative gear in 2012 pushed the envelope, even if gadgets weren't a huge consumer hits.



Lytro camera adds perspective shift, interactive filters

The innovative Lytro camera has added several functions, including a "perspective shift" that enables perspective to be changed after a photo is shot; and "living filters" for special effects.


Lytro Camera Now Works with Windows PCs

Lytro software now supports Windows 7.


How Lytro Can Realize Its Full Potential

Lytro's first light-field camera is capable of amazing things, but in its current state it comes up short of revolutionizing photography. Here are six things that could make the next Lytro device the only compact camera you'd ever need.


Q&A: Lytro Exec Charles Chi Talks Light Field, Battery Life, and Licensing

The executive chairman of Lytro--a small company doing big things in the world of photography--discusses the technology behind a light-field sensor, the possibility of licensing its camera tech to phone manufacturers, and the future of sensors.