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Antivirus Vendors Pounce on Mac Malware Scare

the MacDefender malware and its variants rightly have Mac users reconsidering antivirus protection.

As MacDefender Evolves, Cat-and-Mouse Security Comes to Mac

Even if MacDefender goes away, it has changed the Apple security game forever.

Eric Schmidt: Want Security? Get a Mac

Google’s Executive Chairman says a Mac plus Google Chrome browser and Google two-factor authentication offers the best computing security.

Apple Releases Mac Defender Security Update--Everybody Relax!

Snow Leopard update deletes malware, launches daily update feature, but can’t make every Mac user instantly smarter.

MacDefender Malware Morphs to More Dangerous Variant

Security experts warn that a new, more dangerous variant of the MacDefender malware has been spotted in the wild.

Amazon Tackles Apple Again with Mac Download Store

Analysis: Amazon nudges Apple with Mac wares, promotes software that Apple's shop lacks.

Amazon Challenges Apple With Mac App Download Store

Amazon today launched a Mac-specific application download store that will compete with Apple's nearly five-month-old Mac App Store.

Mac Malware Scare: 7 Questions

A few answers help clarify what the MacDefender scareware plague really means for Mac users and administrators

Marketing Tool: Apple Uses iPad to Promote Other Products in Retail Stores

Apple is using its iPad tablet devices to display product information and pricing for its Mac computers, iPods, iPhones, and even other iPads at retail stores.


Three Ways to Secure Macs at Work: Lessons from 'MacDefender'

Even in the face of more Mac malware activity, basic security education and common sense go a long way.