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Mac Users Hit by First Rogue Antivirus App

The threat has been named OSX/MacDefender.A and the scam is identical to the large numbers of scareware scams faced by Windows users on a daily basis.

Quad-Core iMacs with Thunderbolt, FaceTime Arrive

Apple's new desktops also feature the integration of the 'Sandy Bridge' processors from Intel and could be the first 'Lion-ready' systems.

Apple iMacs Refresh Expected Next Week

Updated iMacs will reportedly run on Intel's Sandy Bridge chips and swap the miniDisplay port for a high-speed Thunderbolt port.

'PC User' Doesn't Mean 'Windows User'

A Hunch study on 'Mac vs. PC' user personalities implicitly equates PCs with Windows. What about all those using Linux?


Mac vs. PC: Stereotypes Confirmed

Surveys produce an infographic that reveals the real differences between staid, suburbanite Windows PC users and urban, hip Mac fanboys . . . maybe.


Check Out id Software’s Latest RAGE Trailer

I'm still not sure what id Software's visually slick September-bound shooter adds up to, but as expected, it sure looks pretty.


Apple: Happy 35th Birthday

On its route from a trio to a global tech power, Apple has grown and shifted in its three and a half decades of operation.


Apple Mac Buying Guide

A Mac is just another personal computer but call it a "PC" and you'll get a lot of heat from Apple fans.

Mac App Store Good for Developers and Gamers, Study Finds

A new study shows that the Mac App store has fewer--but more expensive--apps.

Great Apple Moments in History

Let's look back at a handful of key Apple product launches to pass the time while we wait for iPad 2.0 later today.