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2011: Year of the Desktop App Store?

Desktop app stores are popping up all over the place--will this be the year of the non-mobile app store?

Pixelmator's Million-Dollar Mac App Store Results

This image editor grossed a million dollars in sales in just 20 days.

Apple's New Screws Stymie Do-it-Yourselfers

Apple's new "Pentalobular" screw for iPhone 4s, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs relegates repairs to approved commercial crews.

Apple Retail Stores: Hits and Misses

Many of Apple's retail stores dazzle the senses, but a few don't shine like they should.

Mac Malware Threat Still Small, Report Says

Virus writers finally paid some attention to Apple Macs in 2010, with several new types of malware appearing to puncture the myth of the platform's security.

The Mac App Store's Hottest Productivity Apps

Here's a rundown of the most popular free and paid productivity apps on the Mac App Store.

Mac Sales Climb as Rivals Lose U.S. Share

Analysts say Apple sold nearly 2 million Mac desktops and laptpns in the fourth 2010 quarter, but still dropped two places to the fifth spot in U.S. computer...

Mac App Store Pirate Raid Raises Security Concerns

Easy hack means some apps could be infected with malware, security firm warns.

Apple Mac Store Debuts Today

The 2011 version of the iWork productivity suite and Tweetie for Mac 2.0 are expected to be in the store's collection.

Apple's New Mac App Store Prompts Concern

Some Mac developers are worried about the impact of the new Mac App Store launching Thursday.