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Apple's Switch to Sandy Bridge: Impact for Gamers?

The rumors are that Apple will switch to Intel’s Sandy Bridge chips for its next generation of MacBook portables, but this could upset its moves towards establishing the Mac as a gaming platform

Microsoft Ships Delayed Patches for Office for Mac 2008

Microsoft on Wednesday issued an Office for Mac 2008 security update that patched four vulnerabilities the company had disclosed but not addressed last month.

CES 2011 Gadget Preview

From fast new PC chips to 3D picture frames, here are 20-plus products that we'll be eager to see at CES 2011.

Rumor: Apple Launching Mac App Store Next Week

Apple will launch its Mac App Store next week, according to a blog that cited an "inside source" at the company.

MacBook Air Performs Poorly Compared With Similarly Priced Windows Laptops

Lab tests prove many Windows 7 laptops offer better performance than the 2010 MacBook Air for the same price.

Mac App Store: No Demos for You!

Apple is taking a hard line against free trial versions of apps in its new digital storefront -- possibly to its own detriment.

The 15 Greatest Computer Books of All Time

Here are 15 major works of computing literature, from history to how-to, that were enormously successful and deserve to be celebrated.

Apple Cuts Prices on iPads, iPods, Macs for Black Friday

Apple gets into the Black Friday spirit with various discounts on Macs, iPads, and iPods offered throughout the day at retail stores and online.


Apple Black Friday Preview: Where to Find the Best Deals

The Apple Store might offer a few discounts but don't forget about authorized retailers like Best Buy, Target and Radio Shack.

MacBook Air Outperforms Most Windows Netbooks and Ultraportables

We loaded Windows 7 on two MacBook Airs and found that they ran faster than nearly any other recent netbook or ultraportable laptop.