Don't-Miss Stories

New Mac Trojan Targets Specific Individuals

Security firm Intego says the Trojan is actually espionage malware that spies on victims using instant messaging clients, browsers, and Skype.

Mac Store Asks for Retina-Ready App Icons

Developers are now required to provide Retina-ready 1024-by-1024 icons when submitting an app to Apple's Mac App Store.

Microsoft Clarifies Office 365 Access for Macs

Mac owners who subscribe to the upcoming Office 365 Home Premium will be able to acquire Office for Mac 2011 as part of their subscription plan.

Apple Improves Retina MacBook Pro Shipping Times

The higher-resolution notebook now shows shipping delays of two to three weeks after ordering, a shortening of the three-to-four-week delay customers have dealt with almost from the moment Apple introduced the laptop a month ago.


Mac Sales Slump, IDC Says

Apple sold fewer Macs in the U.S. during the second quarter than during the same period last year, its first decline in three years.

How Mobile Apps Are Changing Desktop Software

First, they revolutionized smartphones. Now, app stores for Macs and Windows PCs are changing the way we work on laptops and desktops--for better and for worse.

Wacom's Intuos5 touch interface gives this graphics tablet a distinctive edge

Three compelling features put the Wacom Intuos5 at the top of any artist's shopping list: design, software, and touch.

Do Automatic OS X Security Updates Signal a Sea Change at Apple?

Experts say the move is positive, but it's unclear if Apple has changed its often criticized stance on security.

Apple Quietly Pulls Claims of Virus Immunity

In the wake of the Flashback malware infestation, Apple has removed a statement from its website that claims its Mac OS X isn't susceptible to viruses.

Rare Working Apple-1 Computer Sells for Record $374,500

The Apple-1, a circuit board hand-built by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, was made in 1976, and sold at the time for $666.66.