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Apple's Mac App Store Tops 100 Million Downloads

The Mac App Store serves a different customer than its better-known iOS sibling, but it's doing well enough to get rivals' attention.

Lenovo Could Unseat iMac as Top All-in-One PC

Forecasters expect Apple to sell 3.8 million iMacs, while Lenovo sales could surpass 4 million all-in-one PCs in 2012.

The State of the Desktop: Windows and Beyond, in Pictures

OS makers are shaking up PC desktops with mobile-inspired designs. Here's a roundup of nine desktop interfaces, from Windows to some smaller players you may not know.

Use a Mac? Camino 2.1 Is an Open Source Browser Alternative

Designed specifically with Mac OS X in mind, this Firefox cousin just got a major upgrade. Here are five reasons to check it out.

12 Valuable Tools for Managing Business Macs

The knock on managing Macs in business environments has long been Apple's ambivalent attitude toward providing significant enterprise support.

Apple Kicks Off Black Friday Sale

Save some money today on an iPad, iPod Touch, MacBook, and iMac or accessories. Shop both online and in Apple stores.


Apple Preps for Meager Discounts on Black Friday

Apple's Black Friday offerings appear to a nonstarter for those seeking steep discounts on tech gear.


A Visual Tour of Desktop Environments

Desktop interfaces have become a controversial topic in the computing world as operating system makers begin to introduce elements and designs borrowed from the mobile world. Here's a look at the current state of the desktop environment in its many shapes and forms.

Mac OS X Sandboxing Flaw Reported

Security firm CoreLabs Research claims to have found a flaw in the sandboxing functionality of Mac OS X.

Overhaul of All Apple Products Expected in 2012

Suppliers reportedly expect a refresh of the MacBook Air, iPad, iMac, and iPhone product lines next year.